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Get an invitation from your landlord

You can sign up from a link in an email invitation that your Landlord sent to you via SparkRent. Look for the welcome email in your inbox or call your landlord to the get the email.

Easy for Landlords

  • Faster Than a Check

    Why wait for paper checks when you can get rent payments deposited directly into your bank account?

  • Automatic Rent Reminders

    SparkRent will automatically remind your tenant when it's time to pay. No more phone calls or headaches.

  • Just $1 Per Payment

    No setup fees, no hassle. Thats all. Nothing more to explain.

Easy for Tenants

  • No Checks or Stamps

    With SparkRent, you'll never have to hunt around for your checkbook or stamps again.

  • Rent on Autopilot

    Set up Automatic Payments and relax at the end of the month knowing that SparkRent has you covered.

  • It's Free

    SparkRent is completely free for tenants.

Secure Payments by Intuit

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